Produkty CloneStab

CloneStab™ is designed to protect live E.coli strains harboring plasmids during storage and shipment at ambient temperatures. The stabilization medium allows for recovery of viable cells and intact plasmids following storage for up to 3 months at room temperature. Genetic integrity and viability are even protected during exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations (-20° to +37°), conditions that are typically experienced during sample shipment. CloneStab has been evaluated for use with multiple strains of E. coli harboring plasmids of various sizes. It is easy to use- bacterial samples are applied into the CloneStab tube and are ready for storage or shipment. Recovered bacteria can be used directly in downstream applications such as plasmid purification or propagation on solid growth media (i.e. plates).


Catalog Number: 93121-018


  • 25 Tubes CloneStab
  • Kit includes Protocol card