Preserve and Store Bacterial DNA with CloneStable®.

CloneStable enables the long-term storage of unpurified bacterial plasmid and genomic DNA. DNA recovery is as simple as adding water.

CloneStable protects the integrity of bacterial DNA at room temperature.

  • Transformation of crude E. coli lysates stabilized in CloneStable at room temperature results in colony counts equivalent to freezer controls.
  • Zero sample degradation means increased reproducibility.
  • Room temperature storage decreases archive and transport costs.

Streamlined clone handling.

  • Apply bacteria cultures directly to CloneStable; no prior purification needed.
  • Store samples at room temperature.
  • Glycerol stocks can be transferred to CloneStable for short-term storage and transport applications.
  • Add water for rapid and complete sample recovery.
  • Use hydrated samples directly in downstream applications such as transformation and PCR amplification.