Stabilize and store purified DNA at Room Temperature.

DNAstable® enables you to preserve and store your purified DNA samples at room temperature for at least 30 years*. When you are ready to use your sample, it can be fully recovered in minutes without any additional purification steps.


DNA stabilization can be achieved in two formats:


Pre-dried in tubes or plates (DNAstable)


Liquid-to-Dry storage format (DNAstable LD)**




  • Stabilize DNA at room temperature for at least 30 years*.
  • Recover quantitative yield and use without further purification.
  • Samples can be used in many downstream applications, e.g., PCR, Real-Time PCR, sequencing, microarrays.
  • Available in a variety of compact formats (tubes, 96-well plate, 384-well plates...and custom formats).
  • Liquid option fits within automation workflows**.


  • Saves laboratory space.
  • Easy sample handling.
  • Avoids freezer temperature fluctuations and sample degradation.
  • Smart back-up storage option.
  • Reduces sample storage cost.
  • Ideal for large sample collection (e.g., biobanks, forensic samples, etc.)

Additional information on DNAstable.

  • Scientific references and download of validation studies from forensic scientists can be accessed here.