Dry Storage Cabinets

Biomatrica's® dry storage cabinets employ passive control devices to ensure a stable humidity environment and are useful for laboratories where moisture levels or fluctuation is an issue. The cabinets can maintain relative humidity at <40% for the optimal room temperature storage of samples stabilized in RNAstable®, Clonestable® (for bacterial DNA) or DNAstable® (also available as QIAsafe™) products. Dry storage cabinets require no energy input heand help your lab save money and "go green."

  • Adjustable internal shelves accommodate a combination of tubes, 96-well plates and various-sized storage boxes
  • Available in three different sizes:
    • Large cabinet holds the equivalent of 100 96-well plates
    • Medium cabinet holds the equivalent of 50 96-well plates
    • Small cabinet holds the equivalent of 10 96-well plates
  • Stackable units allow for efficient use of limited lab space
  • Constructed of a combination of acrylic and stainless steel hardware

The following documents are available for download: