Produkty PCRboost

PCRboost® is a reagent that enhances end-point or reverse transcription-PCR performance fivefold or more by improving sensitivity and specificity during amplification of genomic DNA or RNA templates. PCRboost is supplied as a liquid which is added in place of water to your PCR reaction.

Catalog Number: 63301-011

  • Contains: 1.0 ml
  • 1.5 ml screw-cap conical microfuge tube made of durable polypropylene

PCRboost Trial Kit
Catalog Number: 63301-001

  • Contains: 150 μl
  • Kit includes (1) tube 150μl trial size PCRboost
  • 1.5 ml screw-cap microfuge tube made of durable polypropylene

PCRboost, 10 ml
Catalog Number: 62301-021

  • Contains: 10 ml
  • 15 ml screw-top polypropylene Nalgene bottle