Improve your STR Multiplexing Performance with STRboost®.

STR analysis is a powerful forensics analytical tool. However, the condition of biological samples can be highly variable, which sometimes translates into stochastic effects. STRboost enhances your multiplexing results when dealing with difficult samples.

Challenging samples include:

  • Limited samples (e.g. trace evidence and low copy number)
  • Degraded samples
  • Blood samples containing inhibitory factors (e.g. heme)

Use STRboost to:

  • Improve peak balance.
  • Increase number of allele calls.
  • Enhance peak height definition.
  • Overcome inhibitory factors.

STRboost is compatible with commercially available genetic identification kits such as ABI's Identifiler® and Promega's PowerPlex® 16 systems and does not interfere with automated detection systems such as the ABI 3100 PRISM Genetic Analyzer.


Identifiler® is a registered trademark of Life Technologies. PowerPlex® is a registered trademark of Promega Corporation.