NEXTflex™ BRCA1 and BRCA2 Amplicon Panel for Illumina Sequencing

14.01.2016 14:17

Validated BRCA1/2 panel with library prep reagents and 384 barcodes for Illumina sequencing

  • Germline mutations - Multiplex up to 384 samples and obtain at least 100x coverage on a single Illumina 2x250 or 2x300 MiSeq lane
  • Somatic mutations - Multiplex 14 samples at 2000x coverage on a single Illumina 2x300 MiSeq lane
  • Complete solution for targeted sequencing including gene specific primers, PCR Master Mix, and up to 384 barcodes
  • Low input - Only 20 ng DNA required from fresh or frozen tissue or blood

Not for use with DNA isolated from FFPE samples or cfDNA