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02.02.2015 09:49

Quick-DNA™ Universal Kit & Quick-DNA™ Universal 96 Kit

Product Description:

The Quick-DNA™ Universal Kit and Quick-DNA™ Universal 96 Kit is the easiest method for high yield total DNA extraction (e.g., genomic, mitochondrial, viral) from any biological fluid, cell culture, or solid tissue sample. 



  • Extract high-quality DNA easily and reliably from any sample source (biological fluids, cultured/monolayer cells, solid tissues, etc.).
  • Clean-Spin technology ensures DNA is ready for all sensitive downstream applications such as qPCR, DNA-sequencing, arrays, and methylation analysis.

Samples: Samples are available for this product.


Note: The Quick-gDNA™ Miniprep sample kit (D3024S) will be discontinued and will be replaced by the Quick-DNA™ Universal sample kit (D4068S). If you have an order placed for D3024S, we will fulfill these orders with the D4068S.