21.10.2015 07:26

The NEXTflex™ mtDNA-Seq Kit includes optimized reagents for the isolation of mitochondrial (mtDNA) and construction of Illumina-compatible paired-end or single read libraries from 2 - 4 µg of genomic DNA. This kit utilizes a unique, highly specific protocol for isolation of mtDNA from genomic DNA isolated from cell lines or blood coupled with a robust library prep protocol for NGS applications including mtDNA heteroplasmy analysis.


This kit's benefits are:

  • Enables targeted sequencing of the mitochondrial genome
  • Offers efficient mtDNA isolation and library construction in a single workflow
  • Produces a greater number of unique mtDNA reads compared to traditional PCR
  • Enables heteroplasmy analysis
  • Allows for increased levels of multiplex sequencing